Pressing On…Women's Sexual Abuse Support Group

What does Paul mean by "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. ..."?

Is he saying we are to simply put the past behind us and leave it there...sweep it under the carpet, as we've all heard it said?

In this group, I will share with you the steps of my own healing from a past of sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. Some of the topics are:

Bathsheba: Tale of a Disgraced Woman

A fresh look at Bathsheba, a woman who lost so much, yet look what resulted...

Shame & Grace: God's Shame Busters

Are you bogged down by the shame that comes from childhood sexual abuse, or even adult rape and abuse? You can overcome the shame of your past...

At the Foot of the Cross: Don't Take It Lightly

Did you think about the fact that Jesus asked "Why?"..that He felt abandoned? So often we don't really think about all Christ went through during his life and his journey to the cross and ultimate death. This session will give you some new insight into his final hours and will give you a deeper understanding about what he went through....

Abba Father: The Father Heart of God

If you are like I was, you have difficulty relating to God as your father. The hurts and disappointments of our earthly father can leave a void in our life, and if our father was abusive, a fear of any father figure. I want to give you a glimpse of God as father and help you see him as the perfect, and safe heavenly father.

The Lord is My Shepherd

Walk with me through the 23rd Psalm as I share some of my life with you in the early days of my recovery. You'll never look at this Psalm the same again.

God's Great Love: The Obstacles

What keeps you from believing God really loves you just as you are? Learn some of the obstacles that stand in our way and open that door to believing in, and accepting God's love for you.

Joseph: The Bigger Picture

Hear a story about Joseph in a different light as God takes him from riches, to rags, to riches again, and then gives him some special insight.

The Power of Forgiveness

This is a subject I don't take lightly. We often forget our model for forgiveness. This has been one of the least understood, and often distorted teachings, leading us into a life of denial and bondage. Learn why and how we are to forgive. Discover the obstacles to forgiveness in a survivor's life. I guarantee, you won't be afraid of this subject as a survivor any more.

Facing the Giants

A survivor is left with many giants that need to be faced in order to be truly free. Do you know what yours are? Hear a story about some giants that held God's people back from the promised land, and how one man went back and conquered them. You'll have a chance to discover and work through some of the giants in your life.

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Find out why there is pain and what its purpose is in our lives.

This group is for women only. This will be a safe place where you can share your pain and find ways to heal from the effects of childhood abuse. annie has worked with survivors for 17 years. She founded and directs, Survivors & Friends, a non-profit organization for survivors of sexual abuse, led and taught classes for survivors, those addicted to substance abuse and other addictions, parenting, and more. She also does one-on-one with survivors, as well as others who need some support to help in life's struggles.

Call annie to join...382-2248