LifeSkills Classes & Workshops

Freedom from Addictions

Are you struggling with addiction or behaviors that you can't seem to control? You are not alone! If you would like to meet with others who want to find freedom, help, support, and encouragement please contact annie. As soon as we get enough people, we will begin this class. This class is open to anyone. Addictions can include food, substance abuse, smoking, sexual addictions, etc. (read more...)

Pressing On...Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse

If you are a survivor and want to get together with other survivors for support, encouragement, and help to get through this journey, please contact annie at 382-2248. As soon as we have enough ladies, we will begin meeting. This is a 16-week course (approximate)(read more...)

Some Possible Upcoming LifeSkills Classes

If you are interested in any of the following, please contact annie @ 509-301-1183

Grief Recovery

A Father's Heart