What is GET REAL Ministry

A ministry committed to providing a safe, gentle, and loving community that utilizes a Biblically based peer support and teaching ministry. We offer encouragement, hope, and support for those who are wounded or grieving, and a focus is made on teaching life skills that help restore us to healthy relationships with God, self, family, and others.

Recovery is Part of the Sanctification Process.

  • When we sin, we hurt ourselves, our relationship with God, and our relationships with others. So, we need to find restoration.
  • When we are affected by the sins of others, we often need help in recovering from the pain, and sometimes the consequences that we are left with from their sins.

Why We Need a Life Skills Ministry

    Sin brings pain, but God can use the pain in our lives to:
    • Reveal Himself and His true character.
    • Draw us closer to Him.
    • Show us our powerlessness to do it on our own, so that we realize our need for Him in our lives.
    • Make us more like Him.

During the recovery process, people need encouragement, hope, information, and support to help them move through their pain and onto victory. If a trauma or painful experience is not dealt with, it can come out in other, unhealthy and destructive, ways!

To learn how unresolved pain affects us, please go to:

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